“Varmboga” Experimenting with Sweden’s “Worst” Beer: Arboga 10.2%


Welcome to another adventurous episode at Dr. Hans Brewery, where we dive deep into the world of beer with a twist of experimentation. Today, we’re putting Sweden’s so-called “worst” beer to the test. Can we transform this infamous brew into something palatable, or perhaps even delicious, by simply heating it up? Let’s find out!

Dr. Hans Tasting Arboga 10.2%

The Challenge
Sweden, known for its pristine nature and innovative spirit, also has its share of notorious beers. Today’s subject is a beer many locals cringe at – a brew so unpleasant, it’s often joked about. But here at Dr. Hans Brewery, we see this as a challenge: Can we elevate the experience of drinking this beer?

The Varmboga beer experiment

The Experiment Begins We started by gently heating the beer up to 55°C/131°F. The goal? To see if warmth could unlock hidden flavors or at least make it more akin to a mulled wine, known as Glögg in Sweden, especially popular during the cold months.

 Dr. Hans and Tiggy evaluating a hot steaming beer and a cold beer to determine the winner of the experiment

Tasting and Verdict The moment of truth arrived. My trusty companion Tiggy and I took turns tasting the cold versus hot versions of the beer. The results were intriguing. The heated version brought out a different flavor profile, somewhat more bearable than its cold counterpart. However, it still wasn’t something I’d recommend as a first choice.

Dr. Hans and his French Bulldog, Tiggy, embodying the spirit of experimentation and adventure in brewing

Conclusion While this experiment didn’t quite turn the “worst” beer into a hidden gem, it was a fascinating journey into the transformative power of temperature on beer. As always, there’s more brewing fun to come. If you’re looking for a truly delightful alternative, check out our video for an alcoholic butterbeer – it’s a real treat! ButterBeer video->

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