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Beer Carbonation Calculator for force carbing or pressurized fermentation

CO2 Calculator

Ultimate Beer Carbonation calculator is used to give you a suggestion on what pressure to use to obtain your desired volumes of C02 in your beer when force carbonating or when you are fermenting beer under pressure.
You simply choose a beer style to get suggested volumes of CO2 or if you rather like, you add in your own value. Set the temperature to the conditioning temp when you are force carbing your beer. Or set it to the final temperature of fermentation, when you are naturally carbing your beer by pressurized fermentation.



Instruction video on how to use the calculator


Ultimate CO2 Carbonation Beer Calculator – Pressurized Fermentation and Force Carbing Instruction video

In the Ultimate CO2 Calculator video, I go through the functions of the Ultimate beer carbonation calculator. How to set up the different value fields in the beer carbonation calculator to give you a suggestion on an amount of pressure in both PSI and Bar to get the desired amount of carbonation in your beer. The calculator will also give you a suggested CO2 level for a waste variety of beer styles. Or if you rather like it’s easy for you to dial in your own values.

Using the Beer Carbonation Calculator for force carbing

If you’re using the Ultimate C02 calculator for force carbing your beer in a Cornelius keg for example. I would suggest that you leave the beer on the suggested pressure for at least 5-7 days. Because most beer improves by a week of conditioning time to let yeast in suspension settle down, it’s often best to not rush it. Even though the desired carbonation level can be reached much faster if you are in a hurry. The calculator is made to be used for the slow carbonation method.


The Beer Carbonation Calculator also for Fahrenheit and Celsius converting

Not only does the calculator show pressure in both PSI and BAR, it also works with both Fahrenheit and Celcius. And as a bonus, it can also be used when you are converting Celcius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Celsius.


DrHans Beer Carbonation Calculator


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