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Welcome to DrHans Brewery: A Global Homebrewing Adventure

Hello and välkommen! I’m the face behind DrHans Brewery, both my home brewery in Stockholm, Sweden, and my YouTube channel of the same name. Despite being a Swedish homebrewer, I chose to create my channel in English to connect with a diverse, global audience of craft beer enthusiasts and fellow homebrewers.

My YouTube Channel: A Blend of Tradition and Experimentation

On DrHans Brewery’s YouTube channel, I release weekly videos delving into the world of beer and brewing. My content ranges from traditional brewing practices to wildly experimental brews. It’s a mix of the known and the unknown, the conventional and the avant-garde.

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My most asked question about beer and brewing.

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About DrHans Brewery

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Welcome To My Forest

Life in the Swedish Wilderness

When I’m not battling the local wildlife like mooses, deers, and wild boars, I’m immersed in my passions: brewing beer, cultivating hops and vegetables, grilling meat, and creating engaging videos and articles about craft beer and homebrewing.

Keeping It Honest and Real

The ethos of my channel and blog is rooted in learning and education within the craft beer and homebrewing sphere, for both myself and my audience. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of my content. Whether reviewing a homebrewed beer or testing brewing equipment, I promise unfiltered, candid feedback. It’s through this honesty that we can all grow as brewers and enthusiasts.

Collaborating with Commercial Companies

As DrHans Brewery has grown, commercial entities have begun reaching out. I welcome these collaborations as they enhance the content for my viewers and me, but rest assured, I only endorse products I genuinely believe in. Transparency and integrity guide every partnership I undertake.

Exclusive Content for Patrons

For those seeking deeper engagement with DrHans Brewery, consider joining my Patreon community. Patrons gain access to exclusive content, including a treasure trove of all-grain homebrewing recipes in the ever-expanding Doctors Book of Recipes. Patrons are always the first to know about new developments.

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Your Questions, My Gear

With the growth of my channel, I’ve received numerous inquiries about brewing techniques, equipment for brewing, serving, kegging, and video production. To streamline this, I’ve compiled recommended gear for brewing and filming in my Amazon Influencer Storefront. If you have any specific queries or can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact form available on every page of this website.

Amazon Influencer Storefront.

If you have any specific queries or can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact form available on every page of this website.

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Another way to support the channel is through our Merch Store, where your purchases contribute to our journey. Plus, if you send me a photo wearing DrHans Brewery gear, you might just feature in one of my videos or blog posts!

Thank you for being part of this brewing adventure. Cheers, DrHans.


I've selected three of my top recipes in my first ebook for you to brew at home.



Your introduction to growing hops at home is informative and personal. Here’s a refined version for this section of your content:

Embarking on the Home Hop-Growing Journey

“Venturing into my second year of cultivating hops at home, I find myself amidst the serene greenery of my garden, meticulously tying ropes for the hop bines to ascend. My little hop garden, nestled in the Swedish wilderness, is not just a hobby; it’s a passion project that connects me more deeply to the brewing process.

A Blend of Swedish and International Varieties

This year, my hop garden boasts an array of mostly Swedish hop varieties, including Mauritz 85, Svalöf S, Korsta, and Hulla Norrgård. Complementing these local varieties are the internationally recognized Magnum and Hallertau Mittelfrueh. This diverse mix allows me to experiment with different flavor profiles in my brews.

Sharing the Hop-Growing Adventure on YouTube

To document and share this journey, I’ve created two playlists on my YouTube channel dedicated to hop growing and brewing with homegrown hops. These videos are a treasure trove of information, filled with tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned hop grower or just starting, there’s something in these playlists for everyone interested in this fascinating aspect of brewing.

Join me in this verdant adventure, as I delve into the world of hop growing and explore the unique characteristics each variety brings to my homebrews.

Growing and brewing with homegrown hops 2018–>

This year writing this I’m still in the growing phase 2019–>

And don’t forget about my hydroponic hops mini-series where I try to grow hops without soil directly in water.

Hydroponic Hops–>




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