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Here I answer viewers questions about beer and brewing. The FAQ will be updated frequently so check in often for new answers. YouTube viewer’s and blog readers question may end up answered here anonymous or a topic for a blog post at the Doctors Blog or a video on my YouTube channel DrHans Brewery.

Cheers DrHans!


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My most asked question about beer and brewing.

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I want to get into pressurized fermentation, any tips?

First of, DO IT!
I´ve never looked back a second since I´ve started with pressurized fermentation.
I have a playlist about fermenting under pressure you could watch and in that playlist there’s also a Q&A video where I answer a lot of the questions I´ve gotten so far.

Pressurised fermentation playlist

How long can you store harvested yeast?

There is no exact answer to that I’m afraid but somewhere between a while and forever. It depends on several factors. The best you can do is to make a starter and if that takes off and tastes all right, you’re good to do. If not through it out. I have harvested yeast that I’ve stored for a very long time. The oldest I’ve used successfully was over 2 years old from harvesting. So with that said don´t be afraid to try to brew with old yeast. Just remember my mantra “Always taste your starters!”.

In this video of a Zombie dust clone I made and compared with the original fom Three Floyds Brewing. I brewed with harvested wlp002 that have been stored over two years. Check it out:

Is homebrewing worth it?


If brewing your own beer at home is worth it to you, is a question that only you can answer. It depends on why you want to start homebrewing beer in the first place. There’s a lot to think about so I decided to write a full blog post on it. Check out the blog post and then decide if you think brewing beer at home can be a hobby for you to start with.


Cheers, DrHans Out!

Does brewing your own beer smell?

Homebrewing beer do smell a bit. But I don’t think that should stop you. It aint always a bad smell. Blog article on the smell of brewing beer!

Check out that article cause it’s a little more complicated topic than a straigt yes to the quistion if homebrewing smells.

Cheers, DrHans Out!

How many times can you reuse yeast?

It isn’t a certain number of times I’m afraid. Indefinitely would be one answer. But maybe the right answer is until it goes bad. That can be at any time. There’s a lot of rumors going around that after so many cycles the yeast will of mutated. Well, it will mutate but very little. And maybe for the better? The important thing is to taste your beer and your starters when you’re reusing yeast. It goes bad because something else got in there not from mutation. Kveik yeast, for example, has been reused forever. I did a one-year long experiment on the topic. Check out my one year of recycling yeast video–>

Cheers, DrHans Out!

Why did you scream in that KVEIK video?

It comes from an old Norwegian tradition. You scream to scare off evil spirits to get into the wort. Yeast ain’t the only critter who likes to consume wort. Does it work? Well, I haven’t brewed a bad Kveik beer yet.
and I screamed my lungs out every time

Here are some of my Kveik videos.

Extreme temperature brewing video KVEIK

Raw Ale, a no-boil beer with KVEIK

Cheers, DrHans Out!

Why is the Zombie Dust so popular in the homebrewing community?

That is an interesting question. I Talked a little about it my last Live Beer Review where I got to try a Partial Mash Zombie Dust clone.

Three Floyd Zombie Dust Clone – Live Beer Review–>

After your comment with the same question we kind of touched in that video but only briefly. I decided to write a blog post about it. Check it out!

Why is Zombie Dust so popular

Cheers, DrHans Out!

What is a BrewTuber?

A BrewTuber is a homebrewer who publishes YouTube videos about brewing. Or even a YouTuber doing beer reviews can also be called a BrewTuber. BrewTubing is even a form of community with its own Facebook group called Brewtube Official. If you’re into homebrewing and watching videos about beer and brewing I highly recommend joining the Brewtube Offical group on Facebook. If it wasn’t for the BrewTube community I don’t think I’d of ever come up with the idea of starting a brewing and beer-related YouTube channel of my own, and never ever would I have done it in English.
Thanks to me starting a BrewTube channel I now have contact with brewers all around the globe. Now that’s awesome.

Cheers, DrHans out!

How big batches can you brew on your system DrHans?

My all in one brewing system is like a normal homebrewing batch of 23liters (5gallon). I have managed to brew a 30-liter or 8-gallon batch with it. In this “Is over sparging really a problem”, I go through how I brewed 2 beers from one mash.

The video was an experiment to learn more about how sparging effects beer. I did end with over 50 liters or 13gallon of beer. I can also brew small batches in it without any problems. What I can not do is to brew a full-sized very strong wort. And by full-size I’m speaking about 23liter or 5-gallon homebrew size batches.

My grain pipe says to hold 7 kilos or 15.4 pounds of grain. But I’ve managed to squeeze in 8 kilos or 17.6 pounds of grain once. I think I can fit just a little more grain in it than that.

If I wanted to brew a very strong beer like for example the Snakeblade beer which was the strongest beer I ‘ve ever had. A fantastic homebrewed beer btw from a Swedish homebrewer. Check out that video with the recipe.

If I wanted to make a really strong beer on my system and wanted it to be full batch I guess partial mash is the only way to go. Using DME or LME. Or another fermentable of course. That got a bit long. Do check out the two videos and comment on the Snakebalde video about your strongest beer. Or share it in the Taproom chat.

Cheers, DrHans out!

Whats up with the Yankeys cap?

Well, it’s actually just a cap. I’m not even into the sport. Yes, I know! I look like a really sporty guy. 😀  The kind of weird thing is that the NY cap is one of the most common cap sold here in Sweden. That and another one with LA on it is sold at most the stores who carry caps. Sweden has an old history of glorifying everything from the states which goes back from the middle of the 19th century when a lot of Swedes migrated to America with the dream of getting rich. “Everything is bigger in America” Actually 1.5 million Swedes migrated to America between about 1850 to 1920. That was about a fifth of the Swedish population at around the year 1900. Now, 2019 we are a bit over 10 million Swedes. So it’s a small country, even yet you found my channel and website. I’m thankful for that. Now let’s talk about beer instead. 

Cheers, DrHans out!

Are you a real Doctor, DrHans?

Funny enough that is one of the most asked questions that aren’t brewing related. That and about the Yankey cap. That hat really bugs some people. But more about the Yankey cap in its own answered question. Am I a “Real Doctor”. What is that people use to say. If I had a nickel for each time I’ve been asked that question. I probably could by myself a beer. Not fancy one, but a cheap one. to the question. I did actually answer the question here ;D

Are You a Real Doctor, DrHans?

Now on to the next question, Cheers DrHans, Out!



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