Why is the Zombie Dust so popular?

Why the Zombie Dust is so popular

If you are into craft beer and homebrewing my bet is that you already have heard of the Zombie Dust from Three Floyds Brewing in Indiana, US. And if you are a homebrewer you probably even brewed the Zombie Dust Clone or I’ts on your brewing list. Yes we all have on of those, don’t we? The beers we have to brew before we die. The bucket brew list. I’ve bet you have your own ideas on the hype and excitement surrounding the Zombie Dust beer from Three Floyds Brewing. Maybe you even have had a Zombie Dust. As Citra hops is one of the hop rock stars maybe it ain’t that weird after all. As the Three Floyds combined a trendy hop in a single hop beer with a cool name riding on the zombie trend. The Zombie Dust.


two homebrewing recipes for the Zombie Dust Clone further down on the page. One partial mash from the live stream video and an all-grain recipe.

What is The Zombie Dust?

The Zombie Dust Original is an American pale ale from Three Floyds Brewing. It has an ABV of 6.2% and an IBU of 50. According to the Three Floyds Brewing website. The Zombie Dust is a single hopped beer with just Citra hops. And who doesn’t love Citra right? Citra of course as many hops have their own little twist or side note to it. That I can understand if everyone doesn’t fully enjoy. You know it’s OK right, not to like Citra and Mosaic hops? I don’t! Well, I love Citra but not a huge fan of Mosaic. And I think Its a little overused. It’s not hat I hate I can enjoy a beer brewed with mosaic in it but, as I said its a little overused and that spare tire taste and aroma can be a little overwhelming.


The reason the Zombie Dust is so popular in the homebrewing community and seen all around the internet like on Youtube videos, Facebook groups, Instagram and homebrewing forums. Comes from a small bunch of obsessed homebrewers.

When I first brewed with Citra hops I thought something went wrong!

Actually the first time I brewed a single hoped Citra beer was a Zombie Dust Clone inspired beer. I got that pungent side note for the first time. To be honest I blamed the Melanodian malt that is in the Zombie Dust recipe. As it was the first time I’ve ever used Melanodian malt also. But I’ve learned afterward that it was the Citra sidenote. Which I’ve now have learned to love. But it took some time for me getting used to. And as that beer aged. Every day that Citra pungent sidenote got a little bit smaller.
But that’s a topic for another blog or video I guess. The malt bill on the Zombie Dust though is a little more complex with some sweetness and caramel notes to it. And I’ve had the question why this is not called an IPA. To me, an IPA is more about the hops but an APA can be more of a play between the caramel notes from the crystal malt and the hops. So to me, the Zombie Dust is an APA and according to the brewery also. So I guess that’s settled.

Is the Zombie Dust really a beer we all need to brew?

Why is the Zombie Dust so popular? How come this is such a hyped beer to clone in the homebrewing community? Before I’ve started brewing my own beer at home and started to follow other BrewTubers and beer forums all over the internet I’ve never even heard of either the Zombie Dust or the Three Floyds Brewery. So what is it that actually makes this beer so special along with a couple of other beer well spread out beer recipes of course. Like the Supercharger for example. One thing I mentioned earlier is the Citra hops part of. That clearly must drive the wow factor of this beer a quite bit. And of course the awesome name Zombie Dust. Who doesn’t dig that? Right!

The reason why the Zombie Dust from Three Floyds Brewing is so popular comes down to a few homebrewers.

The reason why the Zombie Dust is so popular to brew a clone of in the homebrewing community, do I believe comes from just a few BrewTubers obsession about the beer. For example, I follow a channel with the name GIFRYER. And he made loads of Zombie Dust Clone brews just cause he couldn’t buy one. I’ve just watched one of his videos. And it was a little saying goodbye video. Cause he actually after years of brewing his own Zombie Dust Clones got to taste the real deal, and that was the end of his brewing career. Not that he didn´t enjoy the beer, but I guess his obsession with it died of a bit. Hopefully, he will change his mind. Probably he will get obsessed around another beer he can´t get his hands on and get back into BrewTubing.
Now G I FRYER ain’t the only BrewTuber or homebrewer that has been obsessed by brewing the Zombie Dust Clone.
If you have brewed or had the Zombie Dust original or the Zombie Dust clone, please drop a comment down below and where you are located. Maybe we could find out how well spread out around the globe the Zombie Dust hype really is. And of course, if you have any own ideas or speculation on why the Zombie Dust is so popular.

Three Floyds tap at there brewpub in Munster

The Zombie Dust beer is from The Three Floyds Brewing which was founded by the brothers Nick and Simon together with their father Mike Floyd in Hammond back in 1996. The brewery is since 2000 located in Munster, Indiana.

Who are these homebrewers who raised the Zombie Dust Beer to the Sky?

On my latest live stream, I got to try a partial mash variety of the Zombie Dust Clone. The recipe for the Zombie Dust partial mash recipe is in the bottom of this blog post together with an all-grain version. In my Zombie Dust Clone Live stream, some other BrewTuber names came up in the LIVE chat that had brewed and been a part of the hype of the Zombie Dust Clone in the homebrewing community. I did trim the beginning of the live stream afterward to make it more viewable so that might have got lost. To get straight to the point, the LIVE BEER review of the Zombie Dust Clone. Cause LIVE is one thing but watching it afterward is another. So I needed to trim down the beginning.

Have I tasted the original Zombie Dust from Three Floyds Brewing?

Now, this was not my first Zombie Dust Clone but I’ve not yet got around to taste the Zombie Dust original. And I bet if I did get to taste it here in Sweden, I would be disappointed. I think it’s just that kind of a beer that needs to be drunk fresh. So the Three Floyds Brewing brewpub In Munster Indiana which they opened 2005 might be worth a visit. Try all the Three Floyd Beer Straight from the source. Just as I did in my first Kölsch video. I visited the city of Cologne in Germany to learn more about Kölsch beer style. Tried so many different Kölsch beer I could straight from the Brewery’s Brewpubs.
Link to my travel video to Cologne to learn about Kölsch–>

I need to get back to the Kölsch topic in another video or blog post soon.

I’ve tried quite a few Clones though

So far I’ve tried three Zombie Dust Clones from other homebrewers who were kind to send me a beer mail for me to review on my youtube channel. And I’ve also brewed two beers inspired by the zombie dust clone recipe. Both of mine were a little less in strength though. I like to have more sessionable beers around. Which doesn’t make you dizzy! Cause who would with a keg full of Zombie Dust just have one, right?

So the answer to the question, why the Zombie Dust from Three Floyds Brewing is so popular the homebrewing community!

I think the reason why the Zombie Dust is so popular is the hype spread from a few obsessed Homebrewers. Some who couldn’t get there hands on a Zombie Dust Original. And some who could and just loved and wanted a keg on tap of Zombie Dust at home. Why do you think the Zombie Dust is so popular?

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Homebrewing Zombie Dust Cone Recipes

Here are two totally different interpretation of the same beer. A partial Mash recipe from Johan from Luleå and an all-grain recipe from Larry (BeernBBQbyLarry). Larry says that he nailed with this recipe.

Partial Mash Zombie Dust Clone

By Johan from Luleå

23L batch
76.7% Brewhouse efficiency

Boil Time 60min

OG 1.059
FG 1.012
IBU 44
Color 16.4 EBC

65C 60min
78c 10 min

Grain bill
2.7 kg Pale ale malt 52.9%
700g light munich 13.7%
200g caramel 150 3.9

1.5 kg extra light DME 29.4%


First wort 25g Citra (12.8% AA) First 23 IBU
10min 25g Citra (12.8% AA)  8 IBU
5min 75g Citra (12.8% AA) 13 IBU
Dry hop day 4 75g Citra (12.8% AA)
Dry hop day 10 200g Citra (12.8% AA)

lalbrew new england east coast ale

All grain Zombie Dust Clone Recipe

By BEERnBBQbyLarry

Batch Size 6gal us
IBUs: 73,02ABV: 5,8%SRM: 11,4

11lb Pale Malt 77,7%
1.0 lb Vienna Malt 7,1%
0.63lb Caramel Malt 20L  4,4%
0.5lb Melanoidin Malt 3,5%
0.5lb Munich Munich Malt 10L 3,5%
0.53lb Dextrin Malt 3,7%

Mash temp 154f

FWH 1oz  Citra13,0%AA (44,31 IBU)
15min 1oz Citra 13,0%AA (19,29 IBU)
5min 1oz Citra13,0%AA (7,75  IBU)
1min 1oz  Citra13,0%AA (1,68  IBU)

Dry Hop 1oz Citra13,0%AA  (0,00  IBU)

Other:Whirfloc Tablet 1pcs 15 min

YeastLondon ESB Ale 1968

Ferment @64-68 deg F for 7-10 days.
Dry hop for 7-10 days.
Keg & carbonate.

Cheers guys and thanks for checking out my blog, DrHans out!

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