Experimenting with Pre-Hopped DME and Nova Lager Yeast: The DrHans Brewery Adventure

Welcome back to DrHans Brewery, where every brew tells a story of curiosity and innovation. Today, we’re embarking on an unconventional brewing experiment, simplifying the process with pre-hopped DME combined with the intriguing Nova Lager yeast. Our aim? To see how these elements come together to brew a lager that defies traditional methods while maintaining the quality we strive for.

a beautifully set table in the home brewery, with a glass of the finished golden lager

The Experiment Begins

Our journey kicked off with a step that’s as simple as it gets in brewing: dissolving pre-hopped DME directly in hot water poured into the fermenter. This method, bypassing the boil, set the stage for an exploration into the essence of homebrewing—simplicity paired with creativity.

The No-Boil Process Detailed

By sidestepping the traditional boil, we ventured into less trodden paths. The pre-hopped DME promised a streamlined brewing process, but questions lingered about the outcome. Could such simplicity yield a beer with the depth and nuance we cherish?

a beautifully set table in the home brewery, with a glass of the finished golden lager

Fermentation and Anticipation

Enter the Nova Lager yeast, the experiment’s pivotal element, selected for its ability to ferment cleanly at warmer temperatures. My previous experiments, notably with Angel Yeast BF27, saw lager yeast fermentations successfully pushed up to 25°C. These experiences set a high bar for Nova Lager yeast, despite its touted tolerance for warmer fermentations. This venture was as much about understanding the yeast’s capabilities as it was about questioning its marketing as a “modern hybrid lager yeast,” given the hybrid nature of lager yeasts.

a beautifully set table in the home brewery, with a glass of the finished golden lager

The Big Reveal – Tasting and Reflections

The unveiling was a testament to the experiment’s success. The beer gleamed with a beautiful golden color, inviting the first sip. Tasting it confirmed our hopes: clean, crisp, with a subtlety that belied its straightforward creation process. This outcome showcased Nova Lager yeast’s effectiveness, paralleling the performance of well-regarded strains like Saflager W34/70 under similar conditions.

Reflections on Yeast and High-Temperature Fermentations

This brewing journey was more than an exploration of techniques; it was a dialogue with the very nature of yeast and the narratives spun around it. The “modern hybrid” label on Nova Lager yeast invites discussion, especially from those of us who have seen excellent results from traditional strains at higher temperatures. I’m keen to hear from the community on this—your experiences, insights, and perhaps even challenges to the marketing norms.

Looking Forward

This experiment, while simple, peeled back layers of brewing tradition to reveal new possibilities. As we close this chapter, we’re already pondering the next brewing adventure. Stay tuned, as the quest for innovation and understanding in brewing continues.

a beautifully set table in the home brewery, with a glass of the finished golden lager

Join the Conversation

Have you delved into brewing with pre-hopped DME, or tested the boundaries of lager yeast fermentation temperatures? Share your journey, your findings, and your questions below. Together, we can build a richer, more nuanced understanding of homebrewing.

Download the Recipe and Support DrHans Brewery

If this brewing adventure has inspired you to try your hand at this unique lager, I’ve got good news. The complete recipe, in PDF form, is available for download. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or just starting out, this recipe offers a straightforward guide to replicating this experiment in your own brewery.

To download the recipe and perhaps share a virtual beer with me, head over to my Buy Me a Beer page. Your support not only fuels further brewing experiments but also helps keep this community thriving.

Download the recipe and support DrHans Brewery

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up this brewing tale, I’m reminded of the endless possibilities that homebrewing presents. Each brew is a new adventure, a chance to explore, experiment, and share with a like-minded community. I’m grateful for your company on this journey and eager to hear about your own brewing experiments.

Don’t forget to download the recipe, and if you’re inclined, consider supporting DrHans Brewery on our Buy Me a Beer page. Your support means the world and enables us to continue diving deep into the art and science of brewing.

Until our next brewing adventure, happy brewing, and cheers to the shared pursuit of brewing excellence.

Dr. Hans, signing off. Keep brewing, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep enjoying the journey.


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