Reviving a 19th Century Brewing Delight: The Raw Egg Beer Experiment


Join us at DrHans Brewery for a journey back to 1896, where we explore the pages of William Smith’s “Fancy Drinks and Popular Beverages.” Today’s challenge? Brewing Egg Beer with a twist – using a raw egg.

open vintage recipe book showing the raw egg beer recipe, with ingredients like eggs and sugar visible on the table.

Rediscovering the Recipe: Nestled within this historical gem, recipe number 115 stands out: Raw Egg Beer. The method is intriguingly straightforward: “Beat a whole raw egg with a spoonful of sugar in a glass, and fill it up with beer.” The use of a raw egg in a beer recipe is certainly a rarity in modern brewing.

Dr. Hans in a home brewery, preparing raw egg beer. He is whisking a raw egg with sugar in a glass, with a bottle of British ale

Embarking on the Brewing Adventure: With a sense of historical curiosity, I chose a robust British ale to pair with the raw egg. The process was simple yet fascinating: whisking the raw egg with sugar, then gradually incorporating the beer to create a unique blend.

The Tasting Experience: The result was an unexpectedly smooth concoction. The raw egg added a creamy texture and a rich layer to the beer, with the sugar providing just a hint of sweetness. It was a harmonious blend that defied initial expectations.

a rustic home brewery setting with vintage brewing equipment, wooden surfaces, and a warm, inviting atmosphere

Conclusion: This Raw Egg Beer experiment was not just about tasting a drink from the past; it was about connecting with the innovative spirit of historical brewers. Whether or not raw egg beer becomes a personal favorite, it’s a fascinating chapter in the world of homebrewing.

For the adventurous, the original recipe is available here.

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