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I guess since you found your way here, it’s no secret anymore. I’ve been working on a brand new website for DrHans Brewery. It has been a lot of work, and when I’m writing this blog post, I’m near the release. If you look at the menu in the picture of this blog, you can see that the Doctors blog Spot hasn’t even published yet. But when you’re reading this, it is.

But it all starts to come together now

I want in this first post, send a big shoutout to Graham Preston A.K.A Hapless Ginger Brew. For his support while building the website. Hey, it’s running on his server. Having someone to ask for guidance and help ain’t that bad after all.

Why a website for DrHans Brewery

Well, the idea with the website is for it to work as a junction for all DrHans Brewery sites over the web. As I started branching out from just my YouTube channel about beer and homebrewing. I found myself trying to be everywhere on the internet. That isn’t working! Here on DrHans Brewery website, it’s still going to be beer and homebrewing related content. Might try to stick in a coocking video from time to time and see what you guys think about that. And of course, the hop growing series won’t go away.

Everything in one place

If you look at the menu up top, you see that there are stores and Patreon pages. So instead of me to trying to be everywhere. I wish I could! I’m trying to fit everything into one place. At least as most ass possible.


Still on YouTube

My YouTube channel won’t change, and of course, my appearance in Facebook groups and other beer-related social media won’t stop either. But my DrHans Brewery content will be focused here or pipelined through the DrHans Brewery website.


Patreon at the  DrHans Brewery Website

As the plan is to focus here on the DrHans Brewery website. I’m moving over some of the exclusive content from my Patreon site to here. Not the old posts, of course! As I’m writing this, I’m about to hit 100 Patreon behind the scenes videos and a lot more posts than that. That’s not going to be migrated over it’s still there to stay. But… the BIG DrHans Book of Recipes is moving over here. It is though a bonus for my Patrons to dig into. In the DrHans Book of recipes, I fit all of my own and beer mail recipes both seen and not seen on my channel.

The Doctors Blog

I think that the Doctors Blog can be an excellent complement to my videos, and it also lets me try my wings on blogging. As doing talking head videos in English has been challenging but proper training. I guess also writing craft beer and homebrewing related articles. The blog will have video content both from new videos and old videos where I think an old topic could be interesting to lift to the surface once again. But there will also be “normal” text-based blog post like this one.

There’s a problem with YouTube

If you have seen one of my videos you probably heard me asking you to ring the bell. And if not from me, I’ll bet my hat on that you’ve heard it from another YouTuber. YouTube has changed there ways of delivering videos to subscribers. All of my videos arent event shown no more to my subscribers. That’s why I thought I would take the matters in my own hands instead. YouTube as being the second largest search engine after Google. Has become more of a search and video recommendation platform, than a subscription based one. That means that for us that is trying to build an audience and make content on YouTube. 

We are left out to search. Or doing click bait. Now that’s gonna happen! Well, little click-baity titles and thumbnails can be fun. But they have to deliver the topic the promise.

My channel has a lot of crazy experimental brewing videos that no one with a sain mind would ever search for!

Instead of me trying to please YouTube and doing just the content that people are searching for. I decided to try to build up a mailing list. I am taking control of the notifications myself. So if you want to know when I release a video or a blog post, subscribe to my mailing list. As a thank you for subsribing you will get my ebook for free!

I do these crazy experiments things, so you don’t have to!




I’ve selected three of DrHans Brewery’s top recipes in my first ebook for you to brew at home.

Found an error at my website?

As this website is brand new there probably a lot of little mistakes here and there. And there’s gonna be more. If you find any while poking around please let me know.
There is a contact form at the bottom of every page.

That’s it for the first blog post. Hope you guys enjoy the new DrHans Brewery Website.
Let me know in the comments here or in one of my videos.

Cheers and thanks for reading, DrHans out!

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